My resignation

I choose personal integrity and strong ethics over deception and censorship. After much heart-felt thinking, I have chosen to resign this morning from the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, as a journalist.  The MJTH management staff has made an editorial decision that I strongly disagreed with.

One month ago, I captured on video the MP for Moose Jaw—Lake Centre—Lanigan, Tom Lukiwski, calling a woman politician an “NDP whore.”

After much editorial discussion and research, last Thursday the 12th of November, I was instructed by management to complete the story, as they assured me they were committed to publishing the piece. However, on Tuesday the 17th of November, management unexpectedly and surprisingly changed their mind.

The Times-Herald stated to me that it was in their best interest to not publish the story nor the video. They specified that they did not want to draw negative attention to the MJTH.

I have always maintained and identified that my job is to seek the truth and report news fairly. While I clearly heard and recorded Lukiwski saying “NDP whore,” I’ve always upheld the belief that the public is the jury in such matters. Denying the public the opportunity to view/hear the video is dishonest and unethical, as we clearly know that the public has the right to know about what occurs in their own backyard.  The event that occurred is news, and it is especially of interest to the public.

Our entire editorial staff at the MJTH was instructed not to release nor discuss the video. Following their mandate would lead to me compromising my values, ethics and morals as a journalist. Unmistakably, no one has the right to deprive me of the freedom of my strong values, ethics and morals as a citizen of this great country.

I humbly and respectfully maintain that the wonderful citizens of Moose Jaw and this riding deserve better; no censorship, no deceit.

Mickey Djuric

The comment in question can be heard at the 1:41 minute mark: