Complete Wallpaper Selection: According to Environment

You can decide to completely cover the walls of your environment with a tropical style and create an exotic and welcoming effect, or choose to install this covering only in certain points of the environment. In this way you can emphasize a detail, or simply create a gap between the rests of the environment and make it the protagonist of the whole room.

Vintage Style: A Journey Into The Past

Delicate floraldecorations, old photos with yellowing effectand fancygeometries all this characterizes the vintage wallpaper Singapore. The decorative trends of the last century are perfectly combined with the modern style, thus allowing you to create unique combinations. Thanks to the vintage style you can also create customized projects and give new life to the environments.

Wood Effect: Natural Charm

Make your home a welcoming environment with wood-effect wallpaper Singapore. Their natural design will allow you to have a small refuge where you can relax away from the worries of everyday life. You can choose between more realistic designs, to recreate a rustic and naturalistic effect, and the more modern ones, in which the wood is revisited to create welcoming furnishings with a more contemporary nuance.

Oriental Style: The Thousand And One Nights Of Design

The East is mysterious and colorful, these are the words that best describe the orientalstyle. Oriental wallpaper comes with rich decorations, graphic, floral, playful and creative motifs in different colors, creating an exotic and fabulous world. What are most striking are the possibilities to create personalized and exclusive styles. Thanks to the special decorations, this coating also goes well with more extravagant styles.

The by oriental wallpaper will invite you to take a warm and exotic journey, bringing some of the most beautiful places in the East, straight to your home. You can combine it with modern furniture or vintage style, thus obtaining unique and personalized combinations.